Time to walk the dog again. Are you tired of traversing the same route every day? Liven up the routine for both you and Fido by exploring nearby dog parks. Luckily, Bellflower and the surrounding area offer a variety of options both you and your canine companion will enjoy. 

Dog parks are not only beneficial for socializing dogs, but they are also a great place for their humans to socialize, and they are even considered a valued community amenity. So, this week take a break from routine and enjoy one of these four dog parks. 

Home Run Dog Park

Located just 10 minutes away, the Home Run Dog Park is a great option for dogs big or small. Located at the north end of Rynerson Park, the dog park is a two-acre partitioned area named Home Run due to its proximity to the Little League baseball fields nearby.

Flora Vista Dog Park

Looking for a great dog park that’s within walking distance? Check out Flora Vista Dog Park. Just two miles from Sherwood Apartments, this dog park is a perfect destination for Rover to do a little romping around. This park is smaller in size, so make sure to clean up after your pets. 

Riverview Park

For an even shorter walk that your pooch and the entire family will love, head on over to Riverview Park. Bring a picnic lunch, some fun lawn games, and a Frisbee for a great afternoon of fun for everyone. 

El Dorado Dog Park

For a change of scenery, head to Long Beach and the El Dorado Dog Park. This dog park is well-maintained with doggie water fountains and, like many parks, sectioned-off areas for small or large dogs to promote safe socializing. Just be sure to bring $5 to pay for parking. 

Taking your furry family member to a new place comes with its challenges, so when you plan your trip to these exciting places, keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Make sure you are being a responsible dog owner by ensuring your dog is in good health, up to date on its shots, and supervised at all times. A few simple steps can ensure you and your pup have a positive dog park adventure. And of course, have some fun with your FURiend.